Trip to Japan panorama and photos


Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden


Beautiful Maple trees


Nendoroid going for a bath (And other stuff)


“Stickiness begone!”, is what Emilia said.

Like the caption, most of my figurines will be undergoing a bath. Everyone (and things) need a good bath to keep dirt and stickiness at bay. After their long, well deserved bath they will be back for a group photo.


“Miku, why are you hunching?”, thoughts of Azusa Nakano.

(2211hrs) Their bath is done. Now onto other stuff.

Ain’t hiatus for 4 years ya know.

Before my trip was my long years of sla.. serving my country. Being that imposes full dedication to serving and it ends (sort of) here.

Look out for more photos!

I’m back!

Period of inactivity, stagnant posts and outdated items.

Back with a few stuff, first is my trip to Japan and brought back a companion with me.

Lets welcome Emilia (and Puck) to the nendo family!


There will be some clean-ups and updates to the blog to stay tuned! In the mean time here are the trip photos! Day 1 > Day 5, Day 6 > Day 8.


Oh… what did I do this few months?

As the title bar says, I have been doing something. School. Education. Photography.

Sounds very dead given that I shutdown my personal blog to focus on this blog and there is no viable activity. Truth is there is no notable events yet so hence no activity.

Here are some photos to spice up the blog for this month.

DSC04564pwp DSC04453pwp DSC04394pwp

Disaster and recovery

Busy with school assignment, settling the projects and meeting deadlines may explain the lack of activity here. There is a bigger reason than those. My working computer goes blue-screening spree this few days of the week. That coincides that I migrated by data from my old hard drive to the newer 1 Terabyte drive.IMG_1337 IMG_1340 IMG_1395 IMG_1405Those images really makes no sense other then bad driver but then it should not take down the entire machine. After trying to find out the problem, I deduce it would be the RAM(s) that is at fault and I was right. Running memtest showed errors in the 2.5GB range. My RAM module are 2GB + 1GB. Any data passes the 2.5GB cause catastrophic errors and that’s explains the random blue screen. That is not the end however, the RAM also corrupted the driver pool in Windows and making it highly unstable to run with random hangs without blue screen. Bizarre but true.

The faulty RAM in question is a 1GB DDR2 400 Dual channel Kingston module. Fair take that the RAM served in my earlier machine, IBM workstation in 2006 and I was doing some serious stuff there. So RAM ages.

After that I reformatted the system partition and copied a OEM image of Windows 7 and done.

The end.     🙂

Ps: 2GB DDR2 RAM cost SGD 50. Costly…

Trying out new internal hard drive, 1Terabyte of it.

hardrive speedBeing busy with school and projects, I hardly have time for myself let alone a break. For this term I will undertake some big stuff and of course will update anything related here.

Meantime I brought a 1TB internal hard drive to hopefully solve my drive space issue and to boost the over performance too as compared to 320GB HDD 16MB cache to the new 1TB HDD 64MB smart cache. While using less watt and less noise with more space that can only go in a brighter direction.

The old drive performance is 84MB writes and 90MB reads while the newer drive screams at 160MB on both writes and reads in averages. Granted this is not SSD performance but I will be working on large Photoshop files and RAW files. So immediate performance is a secondary want.

Damage from the earthquake, two years on. (Otsu port no.1)


Earthquake damage cause the port of Otsu concrete base to crack. This reduces the lifespan of the port heavily as cracks make the port unsafe for fishing and etc.


Overview of Otsu port. Earthquake cause several damage to the economy (revenue), architectural (port) and psychological (employees and people) of the locals. Studies and relaying correct information is essential to recovery of the port and the local residents.

Ultimately the port faces full force of the tsunami and sweep away essential fishery equipment and the earthquake cause architectural damage that makes it unsafe to operate the port in the long term.

A special post that highlights discrimination

I believe Sakura is a beautiful flower and mother nature is doing her best to show full bloom and color saturation of the flower. However a discriminating post caught my eye and actually link back to my blog post. (Best of all it link back to my blog which I blocked it after writing this post.)

rude and senseless

Click to see bigger and clearer.

Generalization is one of a thread-line that when pull upon it snaps and things goes out of control. Discriminating a race just because of a flower season is seriously wrong and the picture (drawn poorly in MS paint or Photoshop?) alone is discriminating; yellow color for skin, seriously?

This world need a balanced harmony and not biases and though it’s a blog post about some random rubbish, the choice of words is not picked with respect of the public interest. That said if you want to post something like that, please make it hidden or choose the right words that is not bias or discriminating. Or just get lost and don’t bother. I know it’s the blog writer opinion but it offends me because of one thing; that blog writer link back to my Sakura post and I hate it.

Thank you very much and may harmony and fairness be with you.

Except that blog writer, scram and get lost. ( )